You know what these pictures make me realise? The fact that the world is just like our unconscious… It is filled with things that we don’t know we don’t know. And that shatters my current perspective…. in an exciting and scary(very scary) way. Because I get so caught up in my own thoughts and my … More #WtfZenThoughts

What am I? 

​I just had a weird thought…  We are made out of cells.  Every part of us is made out entirely of cells, and cells are made out of atoms. Because atoms have their own properties and chemical tendencies, it’s almost like they have a mind of their own. We cannot control what they do, or … More What am I? 

inner artist

Art is within everyone.  That is what I realised when my manic inner artist bursted through the seams, maneuvering its way with colourful threads and pieces of paper.  Sometimes it does that when i write, and it would feel like words are instantly being  written out on paper without my conscious effort. It feels like … More inner artist


    “Money doesn’t bring you happiness. It just gives you more options.”   When i read that, it’s almost as if… it struck something in me. I feel like i have sunken deeper into parts of my mind that i have never seen before. Like i’m about to discover the part of myself that actually, … More happiness.


Cliche is boring and boring is cliche.  Words are cliche. It seems like everything’s been said before. The same realisations and conclusions are boring.  Repetition. Repetition. I feel like a repetition of history. I feel like questioning time why it stands to observe the same things.  It seems like time doesnt like my pessimistic ways. … More .

Questions from an Atom

Billions of years have contributed to change. Nothing ever stays the same. Living beings have lived through life with their biochemistry responding to different situations, and then through generations upgrading certain mechanisms to improve efficiency. The peppered moths, a widely used example of evolution. The honeycomb, and a bee’s ability to structure a hexagonal shape. And of course, there’s us … More Questions from an Atom