7 billion personalities. 7 billion realities and here i am. one person. a singular perspective. like an ant exploring a field of grass, thinking it’s the whole world. i cannot fanthom what’s beyond the grass… i heard they have concrete pavements where humans walk. i heard there are tall walls that have multiple universes in … More

cartoon t shirt

t’s funny how time pasts in a split second when i look back in hindsight. I came across my old tshirt. i feel so nostalgic. Like, i miss the little carefree girl who dreams about being a princess and wearing pretty pink dresses. But when she’s at home she immediately puts on a cartoon tshirt … More cartoon t shirt

the frog story

some days life can be a huge contradiction. you know sometimes when you are feeling so high, and you feel like you can rule the world and those moments when you know for sure that life is grand and awesome. and then those moments when you crash from that high and feel so low like … More the frog story

Feeling doubtful of yourself? You HAVE to do this now…

It’s super easy to fall into the rabbit hole of “I’m never good enough for the world.” No matter how many good things happen, you seem to fall back in the same spot of insecurity. Your mind is giving 101 reasons why you suck, like a broken record. Let’s be real; you can’t be positive … More Feeling doubtful of yourself? You HAVE to do this now…


You know what these pictures make me realise? The fact that the world is just like our unconscious… It is filled with things that we don’t know we don’t know. And that shatters my current perspective…. in an exciting and scary(very scary) way. Because I get so caught up in my own thoughts and my … More #WtfZenThoughts

What am I? 

​I just had a weird thought…  We are made out of cells.  Every part of us is made out entirely of cells, and cells are made out of atoms. Because atoms have their own properties and chemical tendencies, it’s almost like they have a mind of their own. We cannot control what they do, or … More What am I?