the frog story


some days life can be a huge contradiction.

you know sometimes when you are feeling so high, and you feel like you can rule the world and those moments when you know for sure that life is grand and awesome.

and then those moments when you crash from that high and feel so low like you have never known.

It’s like, when you’re in that high, you feel like you can conquer anything.

but when rubber meets the road, you realize it isn’t the case at all.

the low feels like you’re a frog in a well that can never dream of knowing what exists beyond the grey cold bottom.

and then when you realize you were born with frog legs for a reason!

so you could jump.

and so you jump, and jump and jump.

and with each jump you realize a new strategy.

until with that one jump that you enter the world again!

And it’s so beautiful you forget what it ever felt like to be in the damp mouldy end of hopelessness.

it feels like you got amnesia and you start jumping with so much happiness and light, and you start seeing the brightness of life, and the beauty of the stars at night.

Until one day, you come across a moss infested circular grey stone. you peer over the edge and get curious of what’s down there.

so you jump, and you hit rock bottom again.

the cycle repeats.

and that is what we call life.




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