Do you know the nerve-wrecking feeling of nervousness. Of anxiety. Like, the next step to take could go one of two ways. It could go really well. Or. It could be a nightmare. Im exhausting the possibilities of what could go wrong in hope that none of them happen. Aka, i overthink. I overanalyze until … More


I believe in different dimensions. And because of that, it makes me wonder of a world beyond my physical senses. I believe that in the higher dimensions, the things that exist there are less dense and thus they couldn’t be seen by beings grounded in the dimensions below it. The reason why i wonder and … More Dimensions

Adventure awaits

18th Dec 2015 3:16am I feel fearful sometimes… and small. And very very insecure. God sent me an angel earlier today to remind me of many things I forget easily.  It made me feel so much hope… So much hope. Change is intimidating. Right now is me living in the pretense of what could be… … More Adventure awaits