Feeling doubtful of yourself? You HAVE to do this now…


It’s super easy to fall into the rabbit hole of “I’m never good enough for the world.”

No matter how many good things happen, you seem to fall back in the same spot of insecurity. Your mind is giving 101 reasons why you suck, like a broken record.

Let’s be real; you can’t be positive 24/7. I’ve tried it before, and realise it was just emotional suppression of “forced positivity”.

However, being drowned by negativity is suffocation.

It takes guts to face scary thoughts, and not fake emotions. At the same time, it takes work not to believe everything your brain tells you.

I used to believe every thought I think.

For example.

If I had to do a task, and my brain suddenly says, “But you’re not skilled enough to do this.”

I’d believe my thoughts, and won’t bother trying.

The scary part is that I wasn’t even aware of it! It was purely an unconscious behavioural pattern.

Now, here’s what I’ve learnt about Self-Doubt that might scare you a little…

1. Doing the same thing over and over again.
Self-Doubt is a habit. Babies aren’t born to hate themselves; it’s a learned behaviour they pick growing up. This means, most of your actions are actually on auto pilot… Your life is essentially you doing the same things over and over again without you knowing it.

2) Awareness breaks the curse.
Habits don’t break magically. I wasn’t aware that I was always doubting myself coz I was so used to it… What are the things you are so used to thinking, that you don’t even realise it? The only way I transformed my life, was the AWARENESS that I was continually thinking negative thoughts about myself.

3) Never believe every thought you think. The brain is very good at convincing us… we are living in our own heads after all.

4) Intentionally praise yourself. Surprisingly, praises can be uncomfortable to receive because deep down, you may not feel like you deserve it. However, I made it a HABIT that whenever I go into self-doubt, I question my thoughts and acknowledge all the good things about myself.

—These are the Life Skills that has drastically changed my life as a Teen Entrepreneur, and I hope this helps you too.—

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