Just April Thoughts

I breathe in days that turn to weeks, that are now jotted and pasted in the memory of “before”. What i breathed in and breathed through has now become a fuzzy piece of the earth’s history. Not recorded in books, just in the universe’s memory. I would love to time-travel, at the same time, i … More Just April Thoughts

7 billion people

The earth is huge. We dont see 7 billion people everyday; it’s just an idea in our minds that there are people scattered all over in one sphere floating in space. All 7 billion a part of this day in day out regime. Trying to conceptualize this fact is bizarre. I’m taking into consideration the … More 7 billion people

the earth spins

The earth spins. Beyond it, rocks and nebulas of different colours float in black space. From billions of years away, you could spot them as specks of streaming light. I want to pierce the black blanket in wonder of what exists beyond seemingly infinite darkness. You can find me, some where within superclusters of clusters. Look for the … More the earth spins