where will you be 8 years from now? 


“I gave myself 8 years to Do It” 

The BILLION Dollar Idea~ Nick Woodman, Founder of Go Pro 

“When I was 22 years old, I promised myself that I would work my tail off till the age of 30, at the minimum, to succeed as an entrepreneur.” 
Nick failed 2 start-ups before Go Pro, which he started in 2004. In 8 years, it became a 500 Million Dollar Company. Today, It is worth more than 3 BILLION. 
This video made me wanna start my 8 year Journey. 

(The Epiphanies it gave me I just felt like tattooing all over my memory) 
When I was 9, I wondered how long 10 years would feel like. Now, it’s been 7 years. This makes me realise how FAST 7 years zipped right in front of my eyeballs.

But what this taught me, is to realise the power in years. The confirmation, that Now is the best time to start, even with all my insecurities, even with all my doubts and fears. Wondering where 8 years will lead me; the power of looking forward when things just don’t always turn out as expected. I anchor myself into the future in that way…

Yesterday, Sam Choo pointed out to me that I’m not an “aspiring” entrepreneur. I AM an entrepreneur, who is finding my path, searching to build something More for myself. What that something is, I don’t quite know yet. 

But till then, I’ll learn what I can learn now, by dipping my tippy toes into new experiences, out of my comfort zone. My 8 years, officially start Today. To what? To where?? 

I guess I’ll find out. 

Right now, in the beginning of my 8-year Journey, is building my foundation. Learning to Move with Fear, Learning to Move with Uncertainty… I feel like right now, this is my biggest lesson. To be able to pick myself up when things don’t go my way. It’s the thing causing me the most anxiety as of right now, and the most excitement as well. The fear of how I will be preceived, how my thoughts will be received. 
But despite that fear is also the sacredness of what I am writing, almost as if these are seeds I am planting, and I will see them grow in the next 8 years. Maybe it’ll be a Pineapple… Or an Apple.. Or a pen. I dont know. And it’s like I’m teaching myself to see the beauty in not knowing. 
And in a weird way I feel like my Future-Self is reaching out to me, nudging me straight into my fears, and then me coming out of it, a little shaken up like a shivering traumatized cat. 
But as I’m writing this now, I feel a strange comfort. 
It’s like “in order for something new to be built, a complete destruction of the old has to take place”. I’m not sure who said that… But it applies well to me right now. 
I could feel like I’m in a process where all my limiting beliefs are manifesting themselves, reflecting back at me eye to eye, trigerring in me a panic that calls for resolution.  
It feels like a major Rebirth, like the thoughts in my brain are rewiring themselves. Reconfiguring. Shifting gears, coming to terms that maybe the way it has been consuming the world for the duration it did, is no longer relevant. 
So this is my 8 year challenge for myself. 8 years (and more) of constantly rebuilding who I am. 8 years of working on my dreams, and then realising other goals and dreams I may have.  8 years of going for what I want, and understanding that it’s Okay if what I want changes. And 8 years of Learning, Unlearning, Relearning. 

So to the 24 year old me who is reading

 this, it’s all work in progress. I’ll meet you when I get there 😉 


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Depression and Expression


The Inner Artist within us presents itself in these two polarities: Expression and Depression. 

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You know what these pictures make me realise? The fact that the world is just like our unconscious… It is filled with things that we don’t know we don’t know. And that shatters my current perspective…. in an exciting and scary(very scary) way. Because I get so caught up in my own thoughts and my reality, that I tend to forget the vastness that exists. 

And that creates this yearning for something completely new. 

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