Questions from an Atom

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Billions of years have contributed to change. Nothing ever stays the same.

Living beings have lived through life with their biochemistry responding to different situations, and then through generations upgrading certain mechanisms to improve efficiency.

The peppered moths, a widely used example of evolution. The honeycomb, and a bee’s ability to structure a hexagonal shape. And of course, there’s us humans.

The human DNA is as tiny as we can possibly imagine. I saw a video by TED which explained the size of an atom. The number of atoms in a grapefruit is the equivalent to the number of blueberries that could fill up the earth. An atom the radius of a football stadium would have a nucleus the size of a marble!

The DNA is embedded in the nucleus, which makes it a hell lot smaller. And according to researches all over the world, we literally alter our DNA through experiences and environmental factors, such as the food we eat.

All this bizarre chemistry is taking place in your body this very instant. Millions of cells dying, respiring, reproducing. Blood is moving throughout your body! You are one complex machine that carries out these processes without needing your conscious effort. And then there’s the mind that wants to know itself, and what the heck the body is doing. See, the mind doesnt even know! That itself could prove so many things about how automatic our systems are, or perhaps what defines us as a human. Is our consciousness then separate from our mind, only needing the body so it could better analyse the world? And perhaps our bodies need our brain, and they need each other because a body without a mind would be pointless, and a mind without a body would be inefficient.

And we are driven by whatever we are driven by, maybe it’s curiosity but maybe it’s deeper than that. Or maybe we are just what chemicals we like flooding in our brains, and that is our one and only influence.

these are my marvels; linking philosophy with biology and psychology. Seeing where they all meet, and realising that no one has the definite answer. Philosophers, science specialists, mathmeticians, all the great thinkers throughout history came up with discoveries only to wonder more. 

Why do we think the way we do? Why do objects interact this way when this force is applied?

Questions, the pinnacle of self-awareness.