7 billion personalities. 7 billion realities

and here i am. one person. a singular perspective.

like an ant exploring a field of grass, thinking it’s the whole world.

i cannot fanthom what’s beyond the grass…

i heard they have concrete pavements where humans walk.

i heard there are tall walls that have multiple universes in them where humans live…

ive heard so many stories about the outside world from my ant friends who have not died from being stepped on… yet.

those who survive say the world out there is risky.

you are delicate and fragile.

the world… it’s unpredictable.

it’s so loud it frightens you.

paths are so uncertain and unknown it confuses you.

places are so big and unreachable it intimidates you…

but they say, that’s also where the golden pot of honey is. Sugar, syrup, all of the world’s sweetness lies out there, ironically where chaos also happens.

the world is so big…

like an ant, one single lifetime cannot do justice to what’s really out there.

and so this little ant trudges along the field of grass…

knowing there is more.

knowing something awaits…

i am that ant, amongst billions.

i am desperate to experience it all.

i want to have it all.

i am longing to be bigger than myself. maybe…

i am in thirst for meaning and reasoning.


all im searching for is a deep awakening to who i really am.


what i really seek is infinity.



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