What are u afraid of? 


What are You afraid of doing? 
For me, it’s putting my thoughts on video.. or sharing them in general. it makes me feel vulnerable because it’s like i’ve just showcased a mini part of my mind, and when you get to know someone’s inner reality, it allows for connection, or for judgement. 
We live in a world where no 2 people think the same way. That’s the uniqueness of perception, but that very difference has created separation between the two polarities. We are attached to our idea of truth, and we will go lengths to defend it. 
I do that all the time. ALL the time, especially when I hold onto a new concept, a new realisation, I have a tendency of revolving my whole focus on that one way of thinkking,(until of course i realise it’s just one way of thinking)

 and then  what was Liberating now becomes Limiting… So i understand why we become so attached to the lense at which we see Life… because our Ego cannot exist without an identity backbone.. 
But Judgement. The fear of being judged. 
Everyone has that fear. Yet everyone does that to other people. 
It’s the irony and hypocrisy of humans. 
I Judge. A lot. and when i catch myself doing that, my brain freezes for a moment. 
It’s like my boundaries have to be re-evaluated… because what judgements are are just boundaries that separate. But where i get confused is when that is a good thing, and when that actually becomes toxic to the mind. 
But this all comes down to the psychology of Projection: 
What I see in you 

is what I see in me. 

And what i see in me, was what others had seen in me during the developmental stages of my unconscious (from birth to 8 years old usually)
So the things that i’m not okay with about myself, will likely present itself in another person… this happened to me the other day, when someone was being unfair to me.. but i realised that i had treated another person with that exact same unfairness. 
It’s like Karma. what goes around really does come around to stun you. Like a huge fat mirror. 
So essentially. what i’m really trying to say is: 
I’m afraid of People Mirrors. i’m afraid of being mirrored back all the things i hate about myself. 
So maybe that’s why we get so afraid to be seen. Because we’re afraid that the things we tell ourselves get amplified for the anyone in the world to see.