When intuition hurts


Intuition really hurts because it tells you the truth.
I catch my train of thoughts and challenge them, and there was once when i found myself evading an opinion because i didnt want it to be true. I realise i did that often, so i began to do the opposite. I started to open my mind to the possibility of something being true.

And i guess it turned me into a really anxious person, because now im taking every hunch seriously. All the things i usually dismissed with plaster affirmations now are staring at me wide eyed.

I could feel more. About people, places and whatever. And i catch patterns and i theorise them and i test them out. It’s all an experiment in my head, toying around with the law of cause and effect while my emotions are at stake.

now i look at someone and i dont shake off the first feeling i get. I more than just consider it a possibility. I accept it as cold hard truth and that makes me feel very insecure about myself.

I dont love to overthink, it just so happens to be a part of my cognitive nature. I dont even try to snap out of it anymore. It clings onto me and now its like skin.
It’s a scary metaphor when something becomes your skin. You cant peel it off. Period.

But overtime skin sheds.

It’s amazing how your thoughts take charge of emotions. All you need is an epiphany before you can see beyond the boundaries of fear. Paradigm shifts.

Until next time




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