7 billion people

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The earth is huge.

Image result for 7 billion people experienced today differently quoteWe dont see 7 billion people everyday; it’s just an idea in our minds that there are people scattered all over in one sphere floating in space.

All 7 billion a part of this day in day out regime.

Trying to conceptualize this fact is bizarre. I’m taking into consideration the variety of experiences taking place in this one second. everyone is living their lives with their own set of routines and priorities.

And here i am, living my life whilst at times oblivious to the outside world around me. Everyday is like a bubble i feel like popping so i could freely wonder away in places i have never seen and get used to different things.

7 billion people. And im one of them, just waiting for the next day and dreaming an exciting future ahead.

I somewhat like that. I like the wait because in it is where the anticipation is. In it is where the daydreaming takes place and i can control everything. The future is blank canvas.

Anything can happen, the ones you least expect.

7 billion people.

When i realise how many people there are going about their life in this moment, it makes me feel relief. It takes me out of my bubble and wonder about the grander scheme of things.

Life makes me excited sometimes, and that’s where the comfort lies – looking forward.






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