inner artist

Random Rambles

Art is within everyone. 

That is what I realised when my manic inner artist bursted through the seams, maneuvering its way with colourful threads and pieces of paper. 

Sometimes it does that when i write, and it would feel like words are instantly being  written out on paper without my conscious effort. It feels like an uninterrupted flow of thought that expresses itself through a hand scribbling across a page. (right now as im writing im not really feeling that flow… It feels like im trying to push through writer’s block with meaningless sentences that are supposed to make meaning. )

But from what i have experienced, expression is liberating. 
But it can come with the other side of the spectrum. De-pression. 
Depression feels like a hibernation from expression… It makes me wonder sometimes like hey, where did all that creative energy go? 
Like woah.. where did you go inspiration? 

And then.. I realised that… energy can never be destroyed. It can only be transferred. ( thanks science class..). This realisation was a break from a repetitive thought patterm of “i always have to be happy.” 

Expression is when energy flows through you and outwards,and you have all the energy it takes to create…. while depression is energy flowing through you and within you, because there’s something about yourself that you have yet to discover..

It feels draining to write about emotions honestly… because to put a definition to it feels limiting.. 

Thought is very malleable. The minute  perspective changes… everything i see changes and nothing is the same. Old definitions of whatever becomes irrelevant and old news.
it feels really aimless to be writing about something abstract… versus when i am experiencing something abstract. Honestly, both are aimless. But i do it anyway just because. 

 i dont actually know where im really going with this one. 
But it’s fun to just… write it out you know? 




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