new discoveries and questions

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We’re always on the hunt for something new, or at least, i am. At some point the same story gets boring, and the mind clutches on to a brand new perspective of life.

Paradigm shifts, bursts of new insights. Life becomes a mystery yet again, and the questions lead to more questions.

It all boils down to this vastness, of matter, and of non-tangible realities. The atom built of protons and neutrons coming together through their chemical tendencies, gradually quilting this 3-dimensional plane.

and then to question the things our brain just couldnt conceptualize, like the stars on black space, or the beginning of everything.

We are humans made out of chemicals, seeking chemicals that give us a high. Dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline. The very hormones that are responsible for our existence and our quest, pulling us towards ecstasy. The very basis of our lives, built upon our biology.

But who are we? What are we?

Simply the result of our brain activity?

The fact that we are just like any other organism, except that we can think and create these magnificent creations inspired by yet again, our brains.

My mind screams at me, the possibilities with tools like science and theories configured by other minds. I am in awe. And as for right now, this is the lense at which i view the world, until of course, it changes again.



21st May 2016




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