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Out of Body Experience (OBE) means exactly what it says. OBE is literally floating out of your physical body.


I know. It sounds super crazy. And many people might have negative associations with this, or simply dont believe it is scientifically possible. There have been nuerous research done on this subject, and scientists have come to explain this phenomena as”hallucination” or “a small glitch in the coordination of certain neurons”. Go. Google. It. Trust me. Your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind is just plain weird. Purely, purely, insanely weird.

But the way science explains this makes it lose its magic somehow. There’s this rigidity in science that constraints this reality to a certain limit of possibilities. But view it however you like! Just imagine me as the  woo-woo nerd who’s overtly excited to share about this new discovery.


I chanced upon several videos about OBE  a few months ago when I got really interested in the ‘New Age’ world. Gradually, my impression about the world started to shift and i became curious about the universe and my surroundings.  My mind was blown. Everything is not what it seems. The universe has many secrets.

I am open to the idea of there being more to this than this. I believe that i am a physical human being who exists on this 3-dimensional plane, where everything is tangible. However, I also believe that there are different other dimensions that not everyone can have immediate access to. Certain people, however, are born with the ability to perceive these realities.

Read more on my thoughts about Dimensions: Dimensions by Mirrah Irdina

Some refer to these people as “indigoes” or “extrasensories”. I just call these abilities ‘psychic’. and there are different psychic ailities, one of them being synesthesia, where a person could hear colour and see sound. The woo-woos would call it the ability to see auras.

But, you dont have to be born with these abilities to have access to them. You could develop it anytime in your life, and an example of this is the monks who change their brain structure through meditation. Bizarre things happen when people start becoming aware of their minds. Studies have shown monks being able to control their body temperature by focusing deeply concentrating on their breath.

I have noticed that everyone has different abilities. For some, it may be seeing auras, but for some others, it may be feeling the aura. There’s an interesting video on YouTube by Teal Swan about auras if you want to know more.

Anywho. I tend to sidetrack. Back to OBE.

Everyone goes out of body when they sleep. Lucid dreaming and astral projections are perfect examples of this. The differences between these types of OBE are its intensities. Ever had a dream where you were about to fall down, and then suddenly jolt awake? The dream seems real doesnt it? It makes me wonder. Where do we really go when we sleep…?

I looked up video after video of people’s experiences getting out body. They described it as a “tingly sensation” spreading throughout their body as they consciously stepped out of it.

Through their description, i realised that there have been times when i was asleep and my body would start to feel all tingly and I couldn’t move it. There was one time when i was fully aware of it happening, and i felt like as if my body was floating.

There are many ways to have an OBE. It differs for different people.

One way is to focus on your breath for a few minutes and then repeating this mantra ‘I am relaxed and I am having an out of body experience’. Soon, the body will tingle. And then after that… something happens.

I’ve never tried it before so i dont know what exactly happens after that. But imagine if you could literally explore the universe.

For some reason , the thought of it makes me feel helpless. It makes me feel left out in the vast vast vast universe where there’s so many things to see and I feel like as though i have to catch up to all of them.

But now, it’s just reality, where days go by and stuff just happens. There’s the scary, and then there’s exciting and sometimes somewhere in the middle.

Life… might just be an experience out of another body we have somewhere somewhere.

7th March 2016



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