4rd January 2016


It’s 2016, which means i’m turning 15 this year.

Which also means that I will be a legit “adult”, according to my 13 year old self.. and all my other selfs before that.

12 was a huge number to the 7 year old who thought 6 years was a huge huge crazy freaking deal to the universe.

Well. 8 years forward and there’s this soon-to-be 15 year old who wonders where all that time went.

And how it went by so fast. !!??

But there’s a huge change coming in a day and all i could wish for is that time could be nice to me.

A year ago, i was a 14 year old. Sitting in my room. Looking back, it seems like im looking at this fragile mind…and a year had gently led it through a lot of self discovery.

I still think my mind is fragile. Even though it has broken many times with different insights. I still think it can break further.. and i somehow want it to turn into something i have never experienced before.

00:22… and i have one more day in my precious room before i leave for a full month.
I have never been that far away from home before.. a month.

A month.

I dont think the atmosphere in my room could ever be recreated. Maybe it could. Maybe… But maybe i’ll just end up missing my bed and what im used to.

It’s funny because 3 months ago i was so excited.. but as it neared and neared and neared, i realised i would have to leave the very thing that prepared me for this huge change..

My haven.. my cozy little room.

Im anxious. Because now i dont know what it’s gonna be.


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