I believe in different dimensions. And because of that, it makes me wonder of a world beyond my physical senses.

I believe that in the higher dimensions, the things that exist there are less dense and thus they couldn’t be seen by beings grounded in the dimensions below it.

The reason why i wonder and wonder and wonder what exists somewhere out there beyond the rainbows, beyond the air, beyond the molecules that make up this human being.. A human being that wonders beyond its own body.

Maybe i exist somehwere else too…

Maybe this three-dimensional plane isn’t the only reality i exist in.

There’s this thing i do where the more i focus on how physical i am or my surroundings is, the more i feel like I’m not in my body. 

Call it crazy. It is.

Im convinced. There is more.

And like Carl Sagan said, “If you think there’s more, there is.”

And now it’s like a duh fact for me. Now. I just want to explore that which i cannot see.


29th December 2015



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