Im restless, and I cant sleep


It’s Eid tomorrow. But that’s probably not why I’m so restless.

There’s a burning desire within me, to film something and then edit the crap out of it. But no. Im here in the bedroom tossing and turning with this untamed impulse to produce one good ass video.

Im at my grandmother’s house so there is no internet. Perhaps that’s also why i’m so restless.

Or, it’s probably just the side effects of boredom.

Either ways, it’s torturous, but there’s good in it anyways. Because law of attraction might have saved my butt in the last minute.

Maybe it’s the digestion of this surrealness that my eyes refuse to slumber.

Ahh… I think I feel it coming.. My eyes are getting droopier by the moment now….

2.56 am
17th July 2015

P.S Im still not asleep. My eyes were false alarming me just now. I think i cant sleep because im not in my bed…


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