Random Rambles






Punctuation makes a lot of difference to words, but without actual vocal intonations,  it can be quite deceiving.

Hey! Could mean many things. It could mean an excited greeting, or it could be an agitated grumble to express the annoyance when someone haughtily snaggs off the last piece of cake on the plate.

When I type down “Hey” with an exclamation mark, you never really know whether I’m warmly welcoming you, or whether I’m annoyed that you were the one who ate the cake I was planning to eat.

That simply leaves you with a “Hey…”

“Hey…” could also mean many things. It could either mean that the situation is awkward, or that you’re suspicious of something.

Boiling down to the two, you’re either guilty of stealing my cake, or you’re finding me weird due to my pointless rambles.

And to live up to the expectation of this post being pointless, I must go through the meanings of the other “Hey”s.

“Heyyy” could be a substitute for the annoyed “Hey!”, or the suspicious “Hey…”  or it could be a slurred version of the normal “Hey”. It could be an informal or flirtatious way of greeting,  or just a sign that you’re drunk.

“Hey” with a fullstop is probably the most confusing one. It could be lazy, bored, angry, or annoyed. The list goes forever down the stream of endless possibilities.

Well, you never really know.

I just wanted to say, hey you! What better thing to do than to greet someone behind the screen whilst pulling them into this confusing train of thought?
It’s not as bad as you think… I guess.

But Hi, Hello. Hey, nonetheless.

Bye!! 🙂

11th July 2015



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